What is the format?

Step 1.

A site study will be conducted and a detailed report generated, highlighting the issues, the costs attributable to each and the likely cost to resolve. The study will look at all aspects of utility expenditure, with respect to both generation and areas of consumption. This will include electricity, gas /oil and water usage, to ensure significant reductions in sites expenditure and carbon footprint. The site study and report generation fees are such that if agreed annual savings net of any capital of 5,000 are not identified, no fee is payable, nor if site do not feel that the audit was of good value.


Step 2.

From this, an implementation process will occur. Typically, the quick wins are actioned by site and those that require further input are undertaken in partnership with the client, using either local preferred contractors, or sector leading suppliers. Monies payable for these activities can be either day rate or performance based. During the process, technical knowledge is passed onto the site and in doing so the sites internal abilities are enhanced.

Too good to be true ?

No, we are simply confident that we are able to deliver significant benefits and unlike the normal consultants' approach, do not expect payment if we fail to achieve this. References from many well-known manufacturing sites are available.

The next step ?

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