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DataBases vs. spreadsheets.

The use of databases over spreadsheets give the following advangages:-

Spin Files not locked when in use, only individual records.
Spin Multiple tables on common forms.
Spin Superior data validation, can use pulldown selections based on user tables.
Spin Share data between departments and restrict the data that each department can access.
Spin Allows data to be input by less skilled operators.
Spin Less chance on data corruption and deletion by mistake.
Spin Data can be generated at the time of building reports, does not need to be stored.
Spin Data can easily be exported into other programs e.g. email, spreadsheets and Word mail merge & templates
Spin Improved security, user defined by multple passwords etc.
Spin Automatic data import and report generation.
Spin Data can be imported from other sources e.g. other databases, plc's, balances etc.
Spin Barcoded data can be incorporated into reports.
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