How eWatch can benefit on organisation

  • Provide business intelligence to achieve strategic aims
  • Tailored information for the users position & discipline
  • Visibility at all business levels, across all sites
  • Targets key financials & traffic light colours highlight status
  • Improve & empower your people – work smarter, not harder
  • Allows best practice across the organisation with visibility & learnings of others
  • Quickly identifies specific issues minimising on-going negative cost implications
  • Fast track to the “Just do it”

A live dynamic system that is continuously evolving as your business grows

Intelligence for all of the organisation

  • Executives to see their strategic intent is taking shape
  • Directors to evaluate strategic objectives & adjust
  • Management to optimise team performance
  • Supervisors to assess progress of projects & programs
  • Operatives to work to daily/weekly plans

Complete visibility across the whole group at all levels

Value of eWatch

  • Minimises change management challenge
  • User definable, specific to the organisation’s needs not a composite of other organisations
  • Not simply a project management tool, it is a business management system
  • Supports corporate governance
  • Ongoing development of eWatch as you improve is part of the eWatch offer

Summary of benefits & value